Randy Casler February 2, 2016 15:19

Posted by Severin Erickson

I was made aware of the TBL through a informational meeting held at our department. The information presented to our police department was a real eye opener. It was a blessing to learn that there was someone in our corner and ready to help in any situation. At the time of our first contact I was not in need of any assistance. It was a chance to be of help to all like minded brothers and sisters in our chosen profession.

Many years later I came to a crossroads myself. At that time I was in good shape financially and did not want to use the TBL unless I was in dire need. Some months later I had exhausted some of the financial protection my family had and I called TBL to see what could be done.

The TBL met my needs and were wanting to know if there was anything I could use help with. Medical assistance or legal assistance, moral support and many other things. The TBL was there when I needed help most. 

I would encourage all Law Enforcement families to contact TBL when need arises. One of the great things that is available is the willingness of the TBL to help all, not just financial supporters of TBL. I cannot think of a better reason to be a part of the TBL family and have been honored to do so.

- Excerpts quoted from Randy Lee Casler, Hillsdale P.D. Original date of assistance: August 2013.