Anonymous August 03, 2018 19:00

Michigan State Police

"I was able to receive financial and legal services, due to my duty disability. TBL exceeded my expectations with my financial and legal support. All the [representatives] were extremely helpful. Keep up the great work TBL!"

The Thin Blue Line assisted this officer both financially and legally after they suffered an injury in an on-duty vehicular accident. 

Barry Stokan July 27, 2018 19:00

Deputy Barry Stokan
St. Clair County Sheriff's Office

"After talking with the TBL of MI rep. I went online and filled out the grant application form and was shortly thereafter advised I would receive the grant I requested. I was able to receive financial help which in turn lessened the emotional stress of keeping my family from going further into debt. It was a financial and emotional relief to have the TBL of MI there to assist me."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan helped Barry to file for a grant after an injury and surgery.

Marcy Linton July 23, 2018 19:00

Marcy Linton
Plymouth Twp. P.D.

"A co-worker recommended that I contact TBL to ask for help with my retirement paperwork. I finally felt like I wasn't doing everything alone. They offer every kind of assistance, and the people involved genuinely care. They are knowledgeable in every aspect."

In this case, the Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Marcy with during her retirement.

Elizabeth Brooks July 20, 2018 19:00

Elizabeth Brooks
Daughter of Jeffrey Brooks
Imlay City P.D.

"My father passed away and the Imlay City Police Department put me in contact with the Thin Blue Line to receive financial assistance. They were able to provide me and my sister with assistance in our situation. It has been a very difficult time and the Thin Blue Line's donation has helped greatly. The Thin Blue Line of Michigan is very valuable..."

The Thin Blue Line assisted Elizabeth by providing a death benefit after her father's passing.

Mitzi Savage April 06, 2018 19:00

Mitzi Savage
Milford Fire Department

"My life was a blur at that time and they explained everything so that I could understand. I had no idea the different benefits I was eligible to receive. My son and I would not be financially OK if it were not for the TBL. It was an amazing blessing when they entered my life."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan helped Mitzi with benefits recovery and funeral assistance after the passing of her husband, Ron.

Timothy Holme April 02, 2018 14:02

Timothy Holme
Michigan State Police

"I am ever so grateful that the TBL provided financial assistance during my illness. Cliché as it sounds, my wife and I did not feel alone during a bad time. TBL provided me with much relief."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Timothy financially during his recovery from an illness.

Anonymous July 17, 2017 19:00


"A coworker told me about the Thin Blue Line of Michigan after I sustained an on-duty injury. I called to find out information about possible benefits. I was immediately told how to apply, and the contact was very friendly and helpful. TBLofMI exceeded our expectations by quickly reviewing my application, and providing financial assistance."

In this case, The Thin Blue Line of Michigan provided financial assistance to a family after an on-duty injury.

Vivian Jackson July 14, 2017 19:00

Vivian Jackson
Survivor of Detroit Police Officer Freddie Jackson


"After being turned down by another organization... not only did the Thin Blue Line help me with my request to go to the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C., they handled everything. I was totally shocked, since my husband Freddie Jackson was shot and killed in 1986. The Thin Blue Line provided my son and myself the opportunity to see my husbands name on the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall as well as to say a final goodbye to Freddie."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Vivian and her son with a planned trip to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in D.C.

Jim Zemaitis June 12, 2017 19:00

Officer, Grand Rapids P.D.

"My wife had no life insurance and was self employed. She could not work for about a year before her death and we were quite financially strapped. When she died, the financial burden, along with her death was overwhelming. The positive and 'can do' attitude of the Thin Blue Line from the first conversation to the last was very comforting.

When it counts the most, when it hurts the worst, when everyone else can only say 'I'm sorry', the Thin Blue Line is there to pick up the pieces. Its value is priceless."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Jim by providing financial benefits for his wife's funeral. 

Anonymous June 09, 2017 19:00


"In April I was injured on the job and was out of work for 14 weeks... In Nov. I was injured again and was out of work for 6 months... They [TBL] gave me the power to fight and stay strong through the worst of my life. The financial assistance was great but the assistance I received with workers comp., you can't place a value on. TBL is the only organization that will stand by your side and see you through your darkest time."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan provided financial and legal assistance to this person while they recovered from on duty injuries.

Sgt. Carl Schuster June 05, 2017 19:00

Sgt. Carl Schuster
Grosse Pointe Woods Police Department

"I did not know what to expect. After the first call I knew assistance was on the way. The surgery was very difficult and the peace of mind knowing there was someone else I could turn to and rely on was invaluable. This organization fills a need in the law enforcement community all too often ignored..."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Carl after a difficult medical operation with financial and legal support.

Detective Linda Fultz June 02, 2017 19:00

Detective Linda Fultz
Wixom Police Department

" I broke my arm while off duty. I missed work for 3 months. TBL's financial assistance during this time was greatly appreciated. My assistance was primarily financial, however that assistance did help my emotional state. It's nice to know that such an organization exists and that they put the community first."

The Thin Blue Line of Michigan assisted Detective Fultz financially during her recovery from an off duty injury.