Officer Michael Cohee May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

My first contact with the Thin Blue Line of Michigan was definitely a positive one; I was instructed to complete the easy online application and was later contacted by a Case Manager for additional follow up.  I spoke via a telephone with the Case Manager and after a twenty minute conversation I immediately felt that the organization would be able to help me in my situation.  I was surprised that such an organization existed and I was really touched by the sense of caring, loving and compassion that I felt from the Case Manager (Wow what a feeling to be supported by an organization that I had no idea existed.  What a great feeling to know that there are good people fighting to help police officers and families of police officers in some of the most desperate times one could imagine).  The financial assistance from the Thin Blue Line of Michigan was nice but not necessarily the most important.  It was the caring, concerned tone, the compassion and the understanding that were exhibited by the organization that exceeded my expectations.  To have someone you barely know from many miles away talk to you over the phone and tell you, “We can help you” is especially a nice feeling.  I never expected to go through such a nightmare, survive and then return to work, let alone having a wonderful organization stepping up to the plate and delivering in my time of need.  What a great feeling to be disabled and to have a neighbor bring your mail to you and see that it contained a monetary disbursement in a matter of a few days.  There is no reasonable explanation for how or why one could feel that the Thin Blue Line of Michigan is not valuable.  One would think that there would have been a system designed prior to the founding of the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.  I guess as time passes and more police officers are killed, hurt and unable to return to work, and unable to provide for their families that more people will understand that it takes special people to do the job and it also takes the same kind of person to take car of police officers and their families.  This organization is very valuable to police officers and their families.