Deputy Kurt Potratz May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

I spoke with a Thin Blue Line of Michigan Case Manager who put my mind at ease about my case.  I was overwhelmed by the assistance that I received.  I had never been associated or given to this organization yet they assisted me anyhow.  Assistance was received in retaining professional legal counsel in the areas of my needs, based on the complications of my case, I required several attorneys to address several issues.  The Thin Blue Line of Michigan not only met my needs but far exceeded my expectations.  The Thin Blue Line of Michigan helped direct me to or filed on my behalf for all the benefits in which I was entitled too, this is an organization that every Officer in the State of Michigan should be made aware of and contribute to because every officer stands a chance to having to utilize their services sometime in their career.  When in law enforcement and in need, this is the only group or organization that will tell you what benefits are available because they have no ulterior motives besides helping police officers.