Lt. Wayne Wu May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

This organization is very knowledgeable and compassionate in addressing the needs of Officers in need.  I have made two referrals to the Thin Blue Line of Michigan and both have been blessings of relief for the Officers involved.  During both referrals the Case Manager was able to identify what particular resources were available to the individual officers within moments of receiving an explanation of their troubles.  Both referrals received financial assistance however one also required a great deal of emotional support.  This organization is a safety net for those who serve.  I have seen how the organization has rallied around those in need to offer hope and light in dark times.  I know I can rely on the Thin Blue Line of Michigan to help when I call.  With the first referral that I made to this organization I believe the financial and emotional support saved an officer’s life and allowed him to return from an emotionally traumatic period to become a Thin Blue Line of Michigan supporter himself.