Bonnie Kay Barrett-Bowns, Spouse Retired Port Huron Police Department May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

My husband was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and our medical bills had eaten up our “safety net”.  My first contact with the Thin Blue Line of Michigan Case Manager was very positive and so easy to talk too!  The Case Manager informed me that they would help me, I was thrilled and I was so proud of my husband being a policeman and proud of this great organization that helps those who have served and protected.  The financial assistance helped pay many of the medical bills plus some others bills until I could conquer my depression over our circumstances.  I also received emotional support as well.  The Case Manager listened to me cry, heard my despair, anger, anxiety and aloneness.  I received such comfort!  I felt cared for and my feelings acknowledged.  The Thin Blue Line of Michigan was there for me.  I felt both my husbands and my situation were helpless and hopeless.  We felt as if we were a ship sinking in the ocean in the middle of the night.  The Thin Blue Line of Michigan threw us a life line.  This organization gives hope and they are valuable.