Officer Karen L. Codere May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

I knew of the Thin Blue Line of Michigan through my employment as a police officer as well as reading articles in our COAM newsletter.  I also read one of the Succor magazines after one of our officers experienced a personal tragedy and you became involved with that incident.  I was also referred to the Thin Blue Line of Michigan by a friend at Isabella County Sheriff’s Department.  I was under pressure to take a medical (duty disability) retirement and needed advice immediately.  The Case Manager returned my call immediately and got me the legal information that I needed, verified the information and also made sure to follow up with me to assist me in making the right decisions.  I was also referred to other professionals that could help me in the future.  I was very appreciative of all of the services provided and less apprehensive about my situation.  I was able to ascertain that my rights were properly protected.  I received legal advice in regard to retirement and proper referrals to the professionals to assist me.  The assistance was very thorough and responses quick putting my mind at ease.  I felt as if this organization was my last hope.  In times of trauma or extreme need there often is no one else to turn to.  The Thin Blue Line of Michigan fills that need.