Officer Steven D. Hurst May 22, 2015 10:55

Posted by Severin Erickson

I was injured at work and had undergone three surgeries.  I was feeling pain not just from my surgeries but from the immobility and the financial strain.  While attending physical therapy I began speaking to another officer also attending physical therapy from another department who mentioned the Thin Blue Line of Michigan and how they were helping him with his financial woes while off of work.  I went to the website which was easy to access and use.  I filled out the on line application for benefits and was contacted immediately by the Case Manager.  It was great! The Case Manager explained the many benefits available and offered to provide assistance, my hope was restored.  Becoming injured is a humbling experience for anyone however I felt guilty accepting assistance when there were so many other officers and their families in greater need.  The Case Manager helped me through my guilt of accepting assistance and actually laughed and was upbeat and stated that she had this conversation with almost every single applicant.  That cops are use to giving, not receiving.  I not only received financial assistance but the Case Manager also helped me build myself back up as a person as well.  I also received legal services as well in regard to my work related injury.  I am very grateful to this organization for all of their help and support and services.  They have been very loyal to me.  I never expected so much for so long and I will be eternally grateful and appreciative for all of it.  My family and I both benefitted from the kindness of the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.