Officer Michelle Frontera May 22, 2015 10:54

Posted by Severin Erickson

I came to know the Thin Blue Line of Michigan after speaking to a Trooper.  We had been discussing work related injuries and she suggested that I contact the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.  Everyone was so helpful from start to finish.  The initial contact with the Case Manager was helpful and informative about the services available.  The first telephone call resulted in all paperwork being completed and meetings set up with legal counsel to review my case.  I received financial assistance along with filings for entitled benefits for a work related injury.  I received excellent advice and direction.  Emotional support was also helpful when I needed it the most.  The Thin Blue Line reviewed my injury and financial loss from my perspective.  They simply cared when others did not offer assistance.  The legal point of view was what I needed to understand and it really helped.  The law enforcement community is one big family that needs to help each other out at times of need.  The Thin Blue Line of Michigan helps to keep that together.