"Blessed are the Peacemakers....." October 17, 2016 11:48

Posted by Scott Reinacher

The majority of the Blog Posts made are about the delivery of services to Michigan’s Public Safety community.


I wanted to share this story. The majority of the citizens we serve reflect the action taken by those involved in making this kind acknowledgement possible.


Father Mike Woempner of the St. Mary Queen of Peace in Kingsford, Michigan made the following remarks to his parishioners and the showing of support for law enforcement became evident.


“We’re living in a society where the very people we depend on to defend and protect us are coming under criticism and attack”


“Some of these men and women are being targeted for physical injury or worse “


“We’ve all read reports of how protests and demonstrations are aimed at the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe”


“If the very people who are criticizing and demonstrating against law enforcement were to be threatened “Father Woempner said “they would not only want but expect law enforcement to intercede.


From those remarks the Parishioners of St. Mary Queen of Peace initiated an idea that would show support for law enforcement. Local businesses were contacted and BK Enterprises and Sherwood signs and Graphic Design of Crystal Falls who produced a vanity license plate, decals for which a free will donation will be taken and the proceeds of which will be donated to the Thin Blue Line of Michigan !


From the Thin Blue Line Office, thank you for the kind words, thoughts and prayers for Michigan’s Public Safety Officers and their families. God Bless.